Sideshow Art and Odditorium
Sideshow Art and Odditorium is in the Indianapolis City Market

Sideshow Art and Odditorium is an experimental exhibition space created by Becky Wilson from corrugated cardboard, found objects and craft paint. It is a boutique gallery featuring exceptional art and curiosities in the Indianapolis City Market next to Three Carrots and U-Relish Farms. Special thanks to Centerline Studio in Indianapolis and Bishopp’s Appliances in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Visit Sideshow at the market or online:

Sideshow Art and Odditorium



Curtains by Becky Wilson

In her first exhibit in Indianapolis since returning from California in late 2012, local artist Becky Wilson celebrated family, friends and life in the arts in Curtains at the Harrison Center for the Arts.

by Becky Wilson

“So, are you Mexican?” you might ask.

No. I’m a wanna be Mexican.

When I was born, my Mom thought she got the wrong baby. She said to the nurse, “This isn’t my baby. This is an Eskimo baby!”

Maybe her own mother being half Native American had something to do with my skin.

And I always thought my Dad was kinda Mexican. After all, his grandfather’s first name was Alonzo – Alonzo Wilson that is, not very Mexican.

My first love Freddie was Latino. He broke my kindergarten heart when his family moved back to Brazil.

While I’m not Hispanic, I love and respect the Latino culture, its smells, sounds, colors, etc.

The Day of the Dead to me is not so much about death but remembering and keeping alive the work and sacrifices and spirits of people we have known.